What is InnovationPulse?

InnovationPulse® is a web app that helps decision makers keep up with tech companies and new technologies. It lets you browse data on new technologies, companies and other organizations that research and develop them.

An earlier version of InnovationPulse won the 2018 First IPSDM Big Data & Analytics Competition organized by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). We are slowly making that software available to everyone through this website.

Who is it for?

InnovationPulse is built for decision makers that need reliable insights to make R&D, strategic and investment decisions.

How precise is it?

We strive to make our software as effective as possible when it comes to solve some basic problems that every research analyst typically encounters when dealing with innovation data. Sometimes, it is more effective than a human. For example, our solution uses machine learning routines to tackle problems such as the classification of organizations. Thanks to good training, these routines can generally beat humans in the process of classifying thousands of organizations into companies, universities and other types of organization. This enables real time research.

What is InnovationPulse's mission?

Our mission is to make technology insights more widely accessible to all decision makers. The kind of tools and analysis we deal with is typically available to large companies / organizations only. We want to change that.


Do I need to install any software to use it?

This web app does not require to install any special software. You only need an Internet connection and a standard Web browser. Google Chrome and Safari are the fastest and more suitable because they support the latest technologies for web development (those are the browsers we prefer for development too).

Firefox is another web browser that works okay with our app. Our software might present issues when used with Internet Explorer.


What kind of insights does it provide?

InnovationPulse currently focuses on three main innovation research aspects: new technologies, technology companies and innovation trends. You can find among these, for example:

  • The most active technologies, based on the levels of activity of companies and other organizations.
  • The most active companies in a given field or industry.
  • The most recent and frequent collaborators of a company.
  • The footprint or portfolio of technological activity of a company.
  • The share and type of organizations involved in technological development (e.g. companies, universities).
  • Evolution of technological activity in recent years in terms of, for example, new events and companies count.

What data does it use?

As of today, it draws on U.S. patent data and data from the web (e.g. Wikipedia) to flesh out organization profiles. But we plan to include other data soon.

What are events?

Events are the indication of innovation activity, such as the publication of a patent application or a patent grant document.

What's the number next to Events, Organizations?

It's the number of events and organizations related to the search term you entered, in the selected time period (i.e. past week, past month, path 3 mo., etc.). If no search term is entered, the numbers are totals.

What's the percent number next to Events, Organizations?

It's the variation of the number of events and organizations compared to previous period. E.g. if you select activity for the past 6 months, the percentage is the variation compared to the previous 6 months.

How frequent are data updates?


What are the upcoming features?

The current version of our software is fully functional but limited in the number of data sources and features we would like to have. We plan to add many new features to make it more complete, accurate and insightful. We will also continue working to make it even easier to use.

Among the features we plan for the next few months are:

  • New data sources (in particular, we are considering research data so that our research engine can anticipate technological developments).
  • More detailed indicators of company activity and overall innovation trends.
  • Usability improvements.

How do I suggest a feature?

Please send an e-mail or contact us using this form and including as much information as possible about the feature you are interested in. You may want to include your phone number so that we make arrangements to speak on the phone and discuss in more detail.


Can I delete my account?

Yes. Please send an e-mail to us asking to do so. You will need to use the same e-mail address you used to register initially, so that we can verify it is really you.

Premium content

What is premium content?

While you use our software for free, there is content that only premium users have access to. Currently, we offer access to premium organization reports in 3-month subscriptions for a fee. During the subscription period, these premium reports offer more detailed information and alerts. When subscriptions expire, the corresponding organization reports return to their free, basic version.

We are constantly working to add new features that are only available to users that pay for premium content.

How much does it cost?

Registration to use our software is free. Premium reports are offered in 3-month subscriptions for a fee. The current pricing is shown when you click "Subscribe" to a report button.

How can I access the premium reports?

To access the premium organization reports you need to click the "Subscribe" button on the top-right corner of the organization report you are interested in (you need to register and log in for this). Then, you can select the subscription option that is more convenient to you (free basic access, premium for 3 months).

Why does the premium report on organization e.g. "Acme Inc." look similar to its free version?

There are at least two reasons why this could happen temporarily:

  • The organization has little activity: Some organizations, particularly smaller ones, remain relatively inactive for some time. This lack of activity and information makes impossible to provide more details.
  • Few users are interested in the organization: Our software is designed to collect and analyze data based on user preferences. If no user is interested in a specific organization, our software will prioritize other organization profiles.

However, this is only temporary. As the organization becomes more active over time, its report will start filling up with new information and analysis. Moreover, as soon as you start following a specific organization and subscribe to its premium report, our software seeks to collect more data and provide more detailed analysis on that organization.

In any case, if you still do not see the information or analysis you are interested in, please contact us so that we can improve our software.

Do you offer refunds?

We allow you to cancel your first order with InnovationPulse, no questions asked, if the cancellation request is made within 3 days of the order's date.


How can I get help?

Please check our Help section for basic concepts and how to use our solution. A number of help links "Help" are also available throughout the web app - those can take you to context-specific help topics. If you do not find answers there, please send an e-mail or contact us using this form.

Do you offer other support?

Yes. You can always send an e-mail or contact us using this form to get answers to questions or request new features. You may also find us for a chat. Click on the small chat icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen for this. We respond inquiries pretty fast.

Do you have a discussion group?

We use Reddit to post updates and get your comments and feedback: /r/InnovationPulse.

How do I report a bug?

Please send an e-mail or contact us using this form, including as much information as possible about the bug you found.


What are your Terms of use and Privacy policy?

Click this link to visit our Terms of use and Privacy policy page.

What user data do you collect?

We really understand the importance of privacy, and we strive to be at the forefront in that regard, protecting it and securing our systems.

InnovationPulse does not collect data about its users except for the user's e-mail address, which is used to verify you are really a human when you register and then to log into the website. These data are not shared with anyone else or used for any other purpose except for sending our notifications / mailing list (if you signed up for it).

InnovationPulse also collects the user's password and latest IP address to protect our systems. Only you know your password as it is stored using algorithms that make it hard to crack even if someone obtains a copy of our databases. Your IP is not shared with anyone nor used by our system. It is just a record that helps us keep track of hacking attempts and prevent security issues.

Some of the data generated by your interaction with InnovationPulse and stored by our systems can be linked to you as a user. That includes, for example, your watchlist or list of companies you follow. In this manner, our software can keep you up to date with new developments. These data are securely stored and no one except our software, automatically, without human supervision, access these data.

The rest of the data generated by the interaction of users with InnovationPulse are securely stored and anonymized and/or aggregated, that is, it cannot be directly linked to any particular user (for example, if you search for a specific company or technology). These data are not shared with anyone else or used for any other purpose than improving our software, which may include offering you more relevant insights.

What data do you collect from LinkedIn log-ins?

For your convenience, you may also sign into our software using your LinkedIn account. InnovationPulse does not access the user's contacts data when the he or she decides to sign in this manner. Only the user's name, e-mail address, headline, and profile photo are obtained to complete the registration process on InnovationPulse and create the user's basic profile on our web app.

Is there a way to hide my user profile?

Yes. After you register with InnovationPulse and log into our software, go to your user account and click on the link "Hide my account". By doing this, your account will become completely private and other users will not be able to see you are using our software.

Do you use cookies?

Yes. Our software uses cookies to be able to send you updates that are meant specifically for you, such as updates on your watchlist's activity. No other cookies or information exchange (with advertisers or anyone) results from this.


How secure is InnovationPulse?

We do our best efforts to keep our systems and data secure. Our website is set up to use secure connections (SSL) by default, reducing the risk of people eavesdropping on your session and interactions with our systems. Only our small team has access to our systems.